Weekend Project

Chris K Leslie
I want everyone to pull chair up to the point of their lot. Then I want you to sit in that chair. Next I want you to count how many times someone walks up to a car and looks at it. Not just one car but all the cars. You might think that this sounds really dumb and you'd be right. But that's what you are doing when you measure success by counting VDP's. The thing to think about is this. If an average VDP count is measured by the action taken upon that VDP. IS it the VDP that did the job or is it the CTA? A VDP has a very short lifespan in all actuality each VDP is unique compared to another VDP. Now that being said. If you only count the success of a VDP by the digital action taken upon it. You are not seeing the shared attribution and larger overall impact. So in short stop counting VDP's its a horrible number to measure. Its a waste of time.
mark rask
Good thoughts
Chris K Leslie
I think "Waste of Time" might actually be a little to harsh. I mean it could help when you are looking for correlation with what to buy in some cases. I guess what I meant is tracking it as a customer conversion metric.
Grant Gooley
GREAT POINT! Time on VDP is a much better metric. Even still... not something to count as a "lead". I've tracked these in GA under "micro conversions" something to keep a pulse on but again, not something to consider a conversion, thats forsure!

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