What are some Community Service Initiatives Your Dealership Does?

Megan Barto
I'm looking for inventive and not so run-of-the-mill Community Service projects/sponsorships/initiatives -- what are some creative/interesting ones your dealership partakes in?
Ryan Leslie
Great discussion topic Megan! Here is an example of one that I am personally connected to that I love. The Mungenast family of dealerships in St. Louis is hosting a car show. They are donating all of the proceeds from the dyno pulls to a local charity that I have come to really appreciate called Friends of Kids with Cancer. Check it out: https://www.facebook.com/events/1388244584733591/
Shannon Hammons
Good Question Megan. I am interested to know what others are doing as well.
Nathan Hays
We just participated in State Employee Recognition Day (for Missouri) this is the 4th year I've done it for our stores. We have 8,000 state employees, we are putting together a State Employee Purchase program and actively seeking feedback from the workers themselves. I have put together a Fundraiser, Event Calendar for all managers, so we know we can get people to their events. Such as the American Heart Association Heart Ball, YMCA Silent Auction, Foster Care Gala, etc etc. Supporting each local athletic team, ordering food on Saturdays for their sport, etc. We try to give them love on our Facebook too, so other people know about events and it makes us look like we're super active (because we are). Today I gave people a 5 line survey that asked if people use our service department and how they rate our facilities and services, because ultimately we can advertise that 5 of 6 local state employees purchase from us, etc. We also auction off "Sales Person for a Day" (Typically sells for $500-$600) where someone trains and shadow's one of our veteran people typically during a "tent sale" event or a Saturday, and when they bring friends to test drive we donate money to a charity of their choice, if they can sell someone a car we pay them, give them a tour of our facilities, etc. There are tons of "ideas" I personally have just to be unique. I'm still working on videoing test drives and putting together a Feedback Focus Group and/or "Car Buying Class" like Real Estate Agents do. Sort of like an open house.
Megan Barto
These are all great ideas, thank you everyone! I think we as auto dealers need to be as involved in our communities as we can. I know a few years ago, a local TV station did a variation of "Extreme Makeover" - our store did all of the interior painting for the house. We were there all hours of the night but it really meant a lot to give back to the community.
Grant Gooley
Our dealerships are in very ethnic area's and multi cultural initiatives go a long way! Hooking up with the welcome centres and providing a resource to newcomers is a great way to help and sell at the same time! Win, win!

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