What are the most important metrics you track?

Caleb  Twito

I've heard a lot of talk about metics and even saw some new ones being created this last year. I'd love to here your thoughts on what you feel the most important metrics you track are and how you came to that conclusion? 

Mark Rask

Which medium are you asking about?

Caleb  Twito

Thanks for your reply, Mark. I was honestly looking at the whole spectrum from Marketing, to CRM leads, apts, show rates, gross averages (front/back) by finance, sales, managers, etc or even service metrics by advisor or technician. 

J. Prentice Parton

At the end of the day? Cost per lead. I place the importance on that because of the control that you have over it. A human element stands in between cost per actual conversion (unit sold) that skews data at a certain length. I want to know that I am driving the highest quality, and most effective leads at the most efficient cost. 

Caleb  Twito

J, I've heard that one a lot and you make a great point about tracking data you have control over. Thanks for your response. 

Caleb  Twito

Thanks for your thoughts. I would ask even further when it comes to website metrics, what you feel the most important metric is. SRP to VDP, Lead conversions, sessions or are they all equally important? Thanks! 

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