What are they afraid of?

Robert Morgan

I have noticed most Automotive Dealerships have a meet our staff page. It is an important part of their website. It is unfortunate though, many do not have contact information for their management team. I have called 100 dealerships to ask them for this information. I get a third degree grilling on what it is about. I always got asked, Why do you want that? Many of them I gave up trying. Most of them, I was just looking for an email address to send them some valuable information.

I researched all of them. Their average review score on Google is almost a full point lower. Is there a correlation? Curious. 

What are your thoughts as to why?

Chris K Leslie

Being a manager on the marketing side I can tell you that the amount of emails and cold calls I get daily is a full-time job to manage by itself. We all get tons of "Valuable" information every day and then constant follow up to that valuable information. 

Morgan Hardy

@Robert - If someone calls asking for management contact information, we have no issue giving out their email and extension. In a lot of cases, I ask questions to make sure I'm giving them the information to the appropriate manager and/or because I may be able to assist them myself. 

Robert Morgan

I have been in Management at Dealerships for years. I never screened my calls. For many, getting information to contact a manager is not easy. Call Twenty dealers and ask for the GM or GSM. You will get screened on many. Is it worth losing customers because we do not want to deal with sales calls. Interesting how we expect our staff to make those calls.

Mark Rask

We are going to prob just management only on the staff pages 

Chris K Leslie

Why would a store be losing customers by screening calls from a vendor? 

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