What Are Your Digital Media Magic Bullets?

Zac Keeney
What about looking at the challenge in another way? Instead of looking at it from a solutions perspective, look at it from an action perspective. I'd focus on allocation creating revenue or activity at the dealership. 1. Phone Training. our team listens to calls daily from our campaigns and there is a boatload of opportunity in existing inbound calls. 2. Increase Service "Click to Call' activity - immediate ROI 3. Campaign components driving highest sales "lead" conversion rates 4. Campaigns delivering highest VDP views 5. Content creation with: Blog, Video, etc
Mike Fox
I think there could not be any shortcuts for executing campaigns well, but there is a tried-and-true method for getting customers to participate that both of you (Eric & Zac) have shared. The magic bullet for engaging with consumers truly requires a basic digital strategy. To my believe, QR odes are also still effective.
Joe Webb
Eric, while we at DealerKnows have been using the "Magic Bullets" phrase for a couple of our own products/services recently, I suppose it holds up for your blog as well ;) This was an article that was included in the DrivingSales Innovation Guide a while back and somewhat answers this very question. However, I couldn't find the link so here it is on our website. http://www.dealerknows.com/the-four-basic-food-groups-dealerknows-consulting/ I break down dealers' spend into Four Basic (read: necessary) Food Groups. While it includes CRM and Websites, I include in "all the fixin's" so dealers know it is more than just a website is necessary.
Steve Duff
no particular order: 1. marketing with and through 501c3 charitable organizations via social media 2. increasing referrals and sales to owner base and service customers with online referral networking tool 3. upping our game with in house AT/TIM kiosk offers for trade appraisals 4. conquest marketing with ppc search and display adv 5. improve upon video on website, pre-roll etc.
Wendi Venable-Nelson
What about creating synergy at the point of purchase to support all those other advertising efforts? Carrying whatever "digital" campaigns, messages or promotions to the brick and mortar and on the lot? Close the circle, and it can be done inexpensively! Very few do! The ones that do and do it right are a tad ahead of the pack

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