What are your thoughts on Conversica (aka AVA)?

Ron Henson
I would love to hear your opinions on Conversica (aka AVA)?Anyone using the service? Anyone looked at it and decided against it?
Megan Barto
Never used it, although I have talked to some people that have used it. From what I've heard, it was a learning curve, and you have to monitor it, but it worked. But the general consensus was, a live person is better.
Mike Dullea
I have been asked about Conversica a lot lately as I developed the Vinsolutions software and have dealt with many ways for dealers to communicate with customers. After I left Vinsolutions I became a partner in Gary Crossley Ford. At our dealership we use Conversica very successfully. Although the program has many upsides with having their AI literally have a conversation with clients- the real strong suit of conversica has been getting the email delivered in the first place. Email delivery for CRM companies has always been a tough hill to climb and all systems have ups and downs but Conversica sits above all in this area. We have stayed with Conversica because we firmly believe that their solution make us better.
Tony Rehn
Ava is big time winner when integrated with your CRM Deliverable email and re activations are priceless Literally have people on the floor askng for "Amanda" our AI assistant.
Ron Henson
Mike & Tony, Great comments! Have you noticed tangible analytic differences with and without the AI? Example: Engagement rates, appointments set, appointments shown, etc?
Mike Dullea
We have seen a significant rise in engagement rates. With the email delivery, a simple question and timely response it only makes sense. Our processes at the store work in tandem with the Conversica software so with everything else being the same we see increases across the board. In addition when they ask the customer did you get everything we receive responses that sometimes they did not. This gives us another at bat with that opportunity and can make sure we are doing everything in our power to make sure that customer has a good experience with us online.

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