What did you take away from DSES

Shannon Hammons
What did you take away from DSES that you think will be the most beneficial to you and your dealership?
Mitch Gallant
An awakened focus on mobile and a better frame of reference for content creation and SEO. Such an amazing conference!!
Christian Ziegler
This was the 1st DrivingSales Conference that I've been able to attend. It was an A+ event and brings a huge value-add to the industry. My biggest takeaway, which was more of a reinforcement, was the missed opportunity most dealerships are experiencing with mobile (or a lack of mobile strategy). With a huge portion of your site's traffic coming from mobile, you should design your site Mobile 1st and work backwards to the desktop. Make the CTAs easy on Mobile. I also left with a feeling that dealers need to empower their team to move on digital. Your store's team should be creating content and distributing that content as far and wide as possible. Everyone in the store is a branch that allows you to reach even further and can help increase your marketing efforts. Again, great conference! Kudos to the DrivingSales Team for the hard work & successful event.
Linda Loepker
I am behind a good 2 years with what I'm trying to do here and need to get my butt moving on mobile, SEO, blogging. I should be expecting more from our vendors. We need a true customer experience here, and a mission statement. Most of, I need to NOT BE AFRAID of trying new stuff. If I fail, I'm still going to learn something!
Grant Gooley
Jared hit it on the nose, making a great point. That is, if we don't begin to focus our attention on catering to the customer how THE CUSTOMER WANTS IT, not how we believe it should be, there is a chance that some dealers will take a crash just like Blackberry! There are huge opportunities to make change, using technology to better the experience for our clients. If not, there could be consequences to face. Thank you DS for putting on, yet again, another first class, outstanding event!
mark rask
We have got to give a better experience to the customer

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