What do you do when you're overwhelmed?

Maddy Low

I feel like it's really easy to get overwhelmed in this industry. Any tips for what to do when you start getting stressed out?

Prioritize... too many people allow themselves to get caught up in the small details/stuff. For me I keep a day planner, a 10X Day Planner to be exact!! I set my days up with targets I must hit (High priority items) and goals (things I want to accomplish) as well as regular every day tasks such as follow up, emails, call backs, social media etc. Being in sales I can understand the feeling of being overwhelmed.. Most every day is full of items I MUST accomplish, fresh ups on the lot that need attention, and sales managers who always need something done. A person who is organized is going to find themselves less "stressed out" in my opinion. 

Derrick Woolfson

With the industry hitting the "reset" button each month - I always try and step-back and look forward. Every day, I spend an hour or so (in the morning before work) reading new articles, looking the forums, which helps in more ways than one. It goes to show that you are most likely not the only person facing the same issue. What does set you apart, however, is how you face the issues at hand. It is okay to be overwhelmed so long you strategize and are able to deliver.  I also agree with Scott - all too often, it is expected to have it done before it was asked about. But in all actuality, certain things take precedence over others. The more you are able to prioritize the better off you will be!! 

Chris K Leslie

I've found that going to the gym helps to keep me from feeling overwhelmed. Or I just go out shooting.. 

Chris K Leslie

Another thing to help get out of that feeling is get yourself in a productive mindset. Usually if you write down a few no brainer tasks, do them and then cross them off. You can sometimes work right out of feeling overwhelmed, 

@Chris, I agree that going to the gym or doing some skeet shooting is a great way to relieve stress! 

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