What if buying a car was as simple as going on Amazon.com and buying a large screen TV? AutoNation believes that day will soon be here.

Robert Karbaum
The country's largest auto dealer is launching a new service called SmartChoice Express, promising customers they can pick out the car or truck they want, fill out the paper work at home and then make a short visit to their AutoNation dealer where the vehicle will be waiting. Read the full article here: https://autos.yahoo.com/news/half-hour-buy-car-one-050100063.html?soc_src=mediacontentsharebuttons&soc_trk=ma This would bring us one step away from the entire process being possible outside the dealership. What are your thoughts on this?
Shannon Hammons
I believe this is coming. We will in the next few years see the car "salesman" go away and be replaced with product specialists.
Robert Karbaum
There may be neither. Simply order online, and have it delivered.
Lauren Moses
Isn't this in a way already happening with the Carvana or whatever it was that we were talking about a couple of weeks ago? If you don't like it you have a 7 day trial to return it.
Bill Simmons
I believe that we are getting closer to this happening. Did anyone who was at DSES happen to stop by the Make My Deal booth? I have spoken with a couple of dealers who are on a pilot program and they share encouraging feedback. The customer still has to come into the store to take delivery but the entire deal can be structured online. Check out their demo page and share any feedback: http://www.makemydeal.com/demo/Used
Chad Albertson
@Bill MakeMyDeal.com looks encouraging for the dealer body. Somebody is gonna solve the Buy Now widget for a vehicle. Plenty of widgets out there that have pieces to the puzzle. The true test is what percentage of our consumers will walk themselves through this process? Then again, the other test is what roadblock will we reach before having to push this deal through a credit engine for pre-approval (approval) from the lender. Are there compliance issues around this process? Do they vary State by State? Will the current vendors guarding these domains let the widget makes pass through the gate?

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