What inspires the most repeat customers?

Mike Gorun
Which do you think inspires the most customer loyalty: the brand (such as vehicle make), customer service, or monetary incentives (i.e. discounts for repeat business?)
Jim Bell
I think it is long term follow up and great service on the fixed operations side of the business. When you have longevity in a dealership and the customer sees the same people there every time, that speaks a thousand words. How they are treated in the service drive is another important aspect. If they feel taken advantage of, they will let people know and not come back.
Mike Gorun
I agree, Jim. Based on a J.D. Power 2012 Canadian Customer Commitment Index Study, overall customer satisfaction is determined by examining five key factors of the service experience: service initiation; service advisor; service facility; service quality; and vehicle pick-up. Additionally, the study found that one of the biggest factors in making sure customers are happy with service, and therefore more likely to return for future purchases, is communications.
Tami Paulus
Well customer loyalty lies in their satisfaction which in turn comes when we provide them good customer service. If they feel satisfied with our service they will certainly let others know and would give them good reviews. This is what brings in more and more potential customers to the business. And I completely agree with what Jim told. Our customers make our business and we can't let them feel taken advantage of if they do feel it, they will never come back for sure.

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