What is a BDC?

Jim Chamberlain
What is a BDC? Just about everyone I talk to in the business says they have a BDC. When I ask them what their BDC does, I get everything from, two ladies that answer phones for the Service department in the afternoons, to a phone room that pounds customers with razzle dazzle specials for sales and service. Some have a phone room that answers inbound calls for the sales department and many call the room the internet department works in a BDC. We have a BDC at our dealership. I have my own definition of what it should be. I’m curious to know what everyone else thinks a BDC should do in a dealership. Why do we need a BDC? Do we need a BDC?
Robert Wolf
you are right. talking about best practices is what this suppossed to be about.
Mark Rask

We have a service and sales bdc for two rooftops. We make and take service and sales calls. We also answer all of the internet leads.

Michael Bilson

@ Gary...Could not agree with you more.  Now that more customers email before physically visiting a dealership, having a BDC is crucial to ensure higher engagement and sales but the cost of a BDC can be prohibitive.

@ Robert.. agree that a properly trained sales force is the way to go.  But its hard to make a follow up call,  schedule a test drive or send content to a customer when your on a test drive or working a deal.  If you have 100 leads per month and are closing 20 of those...think of the time spent attempting to contact the other 80 just to find out they are not a qualified lead for an appointment.  Outsourcing certainly is not the answer.

So how can a dealer ensure that leads are engaged and  not slipping through the cracks while keeping everything in -house and within budget?   Conversica.

Sets the appointments for sales, provides the accountability and follow up that management desires while using advanced email servers to ensure your hitting the in-box instead of spam /junk.

Mark Rask

this is good stuff.....more and more people are not e mailing...

A Business Development Center or BDC is a combination of many sales support functions:

The term BDC typically stands for "Business Development Center" in the professional business world. BDC usually refers to a call-center staffed with customer service representatives responsible for sales and service at every customer touch-point.

Ours does not function this way.  Ours is for sales third-party lead compliance.  We are to be the "digital concierge" from an online presence to an in-store presence - from there we act as ambassador or maitre d' in connecting them with their sales advocate.  From that point, the sales rep takes over the buying process.

Our goal is to answer leads via email or phone or both within 15 minutes (our avergage response time - which includes overnight time and Sunday closed time - is just over an hour).  Regarding in-bound sales cals, at this time we take overflow sales calls, but may soon take over the responsibility of all sales calls in the near future.  Hope this helps!


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