What is a BDC?

Jim Chamberlain
What is a BDC? Just about everyone I talk to in the business says they have a BDC. When I ask them what their BDC does, I get everything from, two ladies that answer phones for the Service department in the afternoons, to a phone room that pounds customers with razzle dazzle specials for sales and service. Some have a phone room that answers inbound calls for the sales department and many call the room the internet department works in a BDC. We have a BDC at our dealership. I have my own definition of what it should be. I’m curious to know what everyone else thinks a BDC should do in a dealership. Why do we need a BDC? Do we need a BDC?
Mark Rask

Our main function in sales is to take sales calls and make sure that no one falls through th cracks(fresh ups, internet and phone leads )

Colin Thomas

wow this is a 7 year old thread with 55,000 views! I think that does demonstrate that we are still as an industry not fully bought into the concept of a BDC when they are clearly the present and future. 

Randy Scott

I'm a new BDC Manager.  Any help or pointers woulod be GREATLY appreciated.  One thing I'm very interested in is hoe BDC and commercial sales work.  THANKS!

Mark Rask

Randy....I would be glad to help you.....jut pm me

DJ Snyder



feel free to inbox box me with any questions 

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