What is an average/normal cost per lead sold

Amanda Rejman
My Auto Group has had several staff changes in the last 4 years. I have been the Director of Internet Operations here for about 3 months now and I would like to know if anyone has any thoughts and or advice on an average $ amount of the cost per lead monthly. I am trying to measure costs in general and see where my dealership is compared to others and about how much per lead sold is "normal" in todays automotive Internet Departments. Thank you!! -Amanda
Richard Lovering
We pay $11 per lead from the manufacturer, who pulls them from various sites. We've gotten away from paying for leads other than that. Maybe a more valuable metric to you will be the cost per sale. If you get cheap leads but never sell any of them, what are they really worth?? Ultimately I think the conversion rate and sale rate per lead source are more important metrics than upfront costs. Good luck! Ricky
Jim Bell
For the year, are running $40 per lead average and my cost per sale is $207. The cost per vehicle sold is more important in my eyes.
Mike Hastings
Average almost $350 from 3rd party lead providers in recent months. Another interesting calculation to follow is Cost per VDP from AutoTrader and Cars.com.
Dan Caro
Mike Hastings
Vehicle Detail Page. AutoTrader says they "don't sell leads." However, A/T & vAuto both say that you can expect a "contact" (phone call, email, chat or store visit) @ 3% of VDP's. So for every 100 vehicle detail page view you can expect 3 contacts. See RevenueGuru.com for a more detailed explanation.

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