What is average commission a sales rep gets per sale?

rick ortin

Id like to hire a sales rep for my small car lot and was wondering what would be a good average commission per car sold. Does pay differ if car was sold by cash or finance?

We get 20% of gross profit or $100 mini if the deal has less than $500 of profit in it or less. Then there are unit bonuses for selling 8-11-15+ cars. We also get a bonus for good CSI scores and a demo allowance since the dealer I work for doesn't give demo's. Our pay here is not affected by how the customer decides to pay.

Larry Potter

Before you hire, run them thru yourWOTC.com

It means a $2400 - $9600 tax credit for you

Mark Rask

20 pct

We also get a bump to 25% retro on used car commissions when we hit a certain # of used cars sold for the month, and that is a nice motivator to sell more used cars!

rick ortin

scott great info however do most small car lots even offer demo allowance? whats the purpose of a demo allowance anyway? is it a motivator for employee to take a job or perhaps a motivator to sell a set amount of cars per month?

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