CRM Usage

Ron Henson
What is the most underutilized function of your CRM? This topic interests me on many levels. If you respond, please include your job title because I think the answers will vary dependent on role.
Tony Wood
Interesting question Ron. In my opinion the most underutilized feature is our customer gauge. In our CRM, when you add a new customer or they come in as a lead, their status is OPEN. We have multiple different options to "tag" that customer with after our initial engagement. Cruise, Hot, Locate, Order, Pending, Dead, and Sold. The only two that seem to be actively used is Dead and Sold. While it's not imperative to do business, it makes it a lot easier for the Sales Professional and us as managers to get a quick idea of what kind of active customer list the Sales Professional has to work with. I am the eCommerce Director for my dealership.
Ron Henson
That's a great answer T W. I love managers that not only want to know lead volume, but also quality of lead. You can then begin to analyze lead quality against lead source and the whole world of making decisions based on analytics begins to open up. Good stuff!
Megan Barto
Underutilized? By whom? For example, I think there's several areas of opportunities everywhere - it just depends on the job role what the area is. :-)
Lezlie Brannan
I think it definitely depends on who you ask. But here are a few in my humble opinion. 1) The system itself is underutilized by anyone who fails to put every lead in. 2) Data mining - our CRM does not allow for thorough enough data mining by the user. We have to pull in support staff at the CRM, which takes way too much time. I want my data when I want it ;) 3) Reporting - we are not running all the reports we should be in regards to helping the sales staff improve on a monthly basis.
Ron Henson
Good stuff Lezlie!

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