What is the right # of photos to have on VDP's?

Matt Kelley
I would say 18-24 is a great number. When I'm viewing cars online I want to see a few things: Exterior shots, probably 4-8 of these but not too many! Interior seating, 4+ of these. Dashboard and driving seat, 4+ of these (most important IMO). Trunk, spare, and damaged spots. I tend to get let down by the number and quality of the interior photos. I like to see what the buttons on the dash do, are there heated seats, aux jack, steering wheel features, example of navigation screen, etc. When your looking at a vehicle you typically know what the outside looks like in person already but you could be seeing the interior for the first time. Those are the shots I think can really sell your car for you! It works on me! Of course, for ebay or online only purchases I would want to see 50+ probably and definitely all the imperfections.
James Jalali
We put 24-30 photos, my idea is enough photos that give customers a seance of the vehicle, I make sure vehicle has photos of the vehicle all around, 6 photos, interior and special features, like Navigation, Moon roof, Backup Camera, Leather seats and so forth another 20, I also put couple more photos of dealership messages, like Free Carfax. Some vehicles need more photos, but since we are limited by vendor, we go max 30.
Bill Simmons
I feel a minimum of 20 should be used. We normally average 28 pics per vehicle. Sometime more if their are certain features to show like entertainment systems, navigation, backup cameras etc. I notice some dealers taking pics of all 4 hubcaps/alloys and all 4 tires. Do you guys feel that is necessary?
James Jalali
I always take a photo of the odometer as well.
Chip Diggs
My suggestion...however many you need to tell the story about the car. Every car has a story you want to tell about it. The importance of the pictures are to engage the prospective client. The most important thing sometimes is not the quantity but the quality. Also remember, the more pictures you have the longer your prospective client will be on your car and not on your competitors. I learned years ago that your pictures, many times, makes the difference between a phone call/form submission and a simple glance. Whatever the number you choose make sure they are good. Take a look at our website if you'd like to get some ideas: www.coleautomotive.com.
Eric Miltsch
I say 50. We did at least 50 for every vehicle when I as at ADUSA & the customers loved having so many. Video is even more important now IMO - load up the photos and add real video walk arounds as well.

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