What is the true cost of turnover?

Bart Wilson

I've heard lots of stats on how much it costs your dealership to turn over a sales consultant.  What number do you use?

Derrick Woolfson

The number we have referenced most is as much as $50k for a sales consultant. However, I offer it is more than that. A lot of these models do not take into consideration the time sales consultants, BDC Managers, or Sales Managers have spent with the new hires. That lost time has an impact. It can also wear you out; I know this all to well. If you are continuously training the same thing over and over again it can become very frustrating; you feel like you are never moving forward. At which point, your quality of training might not be the best.  

Chris K Leslie

You’re exactly right. It’s hard to invest in your “team” when it’s hard to keep a solid team together. Are commission heavy pay plans the cause? 

Mark Rask

30 to 40 k 

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