What Needs To Be Done To Assist Dealers?

Gary May
After listening to the Ward's eDealer Top100 webinar today, I'm baffled. Either the panel selected wasn't on their 'A' games or there should only be the "top 3" ranked (I don't know how they get the rank completely) on the presentation. One thing is clear by the questions at the end of the event submitted by those also tuned in: it's scary how much assistance is needed at retail. I'm not saying this as a consultant. However, when you hear "are you tacking your leads?" as a question, you cringe and want to give that dealer a day of services for free. Or maybe a month... Nearly all of the dealers we've worked with over the past two and a half years have been the ones wanting to go from good to great or those recognizing that significant change needs to be made versus those starting from scratch. And that is a pleasure. Most of you on this forum are in the leading bunch but it seems that, of the roughly 20,000 franchises in the USA, that more needs to be done at all levels. NADA, consultants, 20 groups, online, events and more. And most of the time the OEMs can do a way better job at educating. But most of them have nearly zero aptitude for digital marketing and treat most dealership websites and their Tier 2. What do you guys think will move the needle more? How can it be done? We're grossly underpowered at retail today. Can we do it? Gary May IM@CS

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