What qualities make the right BDC Manager and where do you look?

Ricky Wood
We have been searching for a BDC Manager for a while now but am coming up very short on the type of applicants we are getting. All in industry applicants we getting are too anchored in the "old" way of internet sales/service.Has anybody successfully transitioned somebody from outside the industry into this roll? What job descriptions did you use to assist in the onboarding process?Thanks in advance for all you guys help.Ricky Wood
mark rask
You might try someone with call center experience
Jason Harkleroad
No I have not. What works for me is hiring a real sales manager someone who knows the business in and out. It seems like dealerships are always trying to make the Internet or BDC Manager someone who hasn't been in the car business thats crazy to me. Get a real Sales Manager and put them in your Internet or BDC department and let them go to work. That's worked for me till this day.
Grant Gooley
Great question! Call centre experience is great to have. Customer service and strong communication skills. Building a BDC is very similar to a call centre environment. I was recently at a non automotive conference regarding customer engagement in a BDC environment. It's essential that they are innovative and are ready to engage with customers in the formats being used on a daily bases. Social, Email, Text Message...
mark rask
Good comments Grant!
Carlo Castillo
Agree with Jason here. Training staff and being great on the phone are big fundamentals that a sales manager usually has. Going with some from a Call Center is great for a rep in the BDC, that will be trained by someone in the business. Most coming from a call center don't have the experience selling an appointment to someone about to make car buying decision whether on the phone or replying to an email. A sales manager in the business can walk them through this process, they will make great reps.

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