What qualities make up a "dealer-like" BDC manager?

Andrew Guelcher
Looking to define what it takes to create an entrepreneurial BDC manager who can manage a group of people and build a business within a business. Any feedback is welcome here! Thanks.
Dustin Lyons
I would suggest creative, with a good work ethic. Not afraid to try new things, and results driven. Someone who can hold their team accountable but still maintain a happy work environment.
Lauren Moses
Definitely organized. You can see the best numbers but if your not organized then it's going to fall apart. Also, great phone skills, and communication. Like everything just a well rounded person that is very driven to achieve things.
Andrew Guelcher
Lauren, Organization is key I believe. But what do you feel is the line between being organized and stifling creativity?
Lauren Moses
That really depends on the person. I tend to be on the creative side, but if I have a ton of stuff going on and my desk is all cluttered then I get distracted. I also do a ton of research for what I am wanting to do so I can know what others are doing and try to be different. I would say to stay away form OCD because then they tend to focus on all the things that are wrong instead of being creative and thinking outside the box.
Robert Karbaum
I just got interviewed for an article on this exact topic. I will share the link when it is posted. Should be early next week!

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