What the Heck Happened To QR Codes??

Tanya Thompson
We still use QR codes. I program them for all the used cars on the lot to lead to their page on the website. It's great for after hours browsers or for those that just want to check out the lot on their own. It's upped our website visits and we get even more leads on the weekends.
HondaPro Jason
I use them in marketing and promotions. They still work very well for me.
Bill Simmons
Great question Eric. They just have not "won over" the general public as a way to get the info that they are seeking. I know from discussions in my Twitter stream that they are not very popular.I use an app that one of the speakers from DSES, Luke Wrobelewski, developed called Polar.It is very easy to create online polls from a mobile device and share across social media sites. I created one a few weeks ago asking if people scanned QR codes and the current standings in the poll shows 160 no votes to only 78 yes votes. If you would like to see how the polls work, here is the link: http://polarb.com/55656
Eric Miltsch
Question for Tanya & Jason: Can you share any specific data? What type of activity are you getting after hours and is it eventually leading to more appointments & sales?
Carter Anderson
[url=http://www.onbarcode.com/asp_net/qr-code-generator.html]QR Code[/url] is great. I am also using it for my business. I promote my business a lot.
Carter Anderson
Why the link is not availble? I am sorry. You may click here:http://www.onbarcode.com/asp_net/qr-code-generator.html

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