What to look for when Hiring a marketing company

Jamil "The Carman"

Don't Hire a Marketer Hire A Car Guy !!

When looking to hire a marketing company for your dealership there are few factors you need to consider :

1.The background of the people running the company.Have they been in the car business, what do they know about the dealership operation.A guy who is only clicking boost on a Facebook ad to get you clicks won't get you results !. You need people who sold cars bought traded and printed contracts before .Best example here are Vauto Reps, most of them are car guys who has been in the industry for years.They know how to talk to you almost about everything auctions trades recon etc..

2.Look at their portfolio and who they advertise for. Roaches go after Roaches ! Sharks swim in the same sea.A Marketer who is going after "down the road motors" won't get you the 100s cars you want to sell.

3.Read their Client's reviews (The ones they are doing marketing for) ,If the reviews are bad and If that does't concern them.Stay away!

4.Ask a lot of questions and compare products and services .don't go with the first company who calls you, Marketing is the most important element of the dealership's structure. 

Good Luck Folks .

Mark Rask

Also get a LOT of referrals 

Brendan Dolan

Agreed on getting a car guy. I sold cars for years, and worked up to Internet Director before I started doing marketing for our group. When the marketing was working, but they weren't selling cars, I could go into the CRM and give them examples of why they weren't finding results. 

Having worked leads and handled phone calls for years, it helped my both cover my butt when the store had a bad weekend and wanted to blame marketing, and it also helped me push the stores to get better with what they had so we could keep the budget in line. 

Chris K Leslie

I wrote an article last year on the NEXT Up blog about this. 



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