What types of advertising are most effective?

Jeanne Landau
While investing in digital advertising, retargeting or behavioral marketing, PPC, etc., and driving consumers to a website is continuing to be an area of focus for dealers, the most recent NADA annual report seems to show that, percentage-wise, the amount spend annually by dealers on radio and TV remains the same as it was 10 years ago. Curious to hear your perspective on what you have found to be the most effective forms and media for advertising your dealership(s). And, also would be interesting to see what you consider at the most valuable form of a lead; online, phone lead, or on the lot? Thanks!
Grant Gooley
Adwords (If executed properly) has some fantastic returns and should be an essential piece of the marketing mix, IMO. Direct advertising to your customer data base is essential to elevate retention. A RELEVANT, print loyalty program will drive consumers that are in market. Again, it's all about execution. Proper segmentation and demographic focus helps to drive valuable leads to the dealerships. Just a few thoughts...
Carl Maeda
I agree, Adwords has very good returns if properly executed. Grant - You may want to try Bing too. We get much lower Cost Per Click using Bing Ads over Adwords so the Cost Per Lead and Cost Per Sale are much lower as well. SEO has great returns if you look over the course of a year or two. It takes time to get your sites ranking well and chase down all the traffic you may be missing out on. Remarketing works great if you have a lot of traffic coming into the site. If you have enough traffic that you're able to properly segment your users, you can get better returns than your PPC campaign.
Lezlie Brannan
CPC, digital display, and social are netting the best ROI for us right now. Even email marketing continues to be successful. Print, radio and tv still have a place in the mix, but a much smaller place. We aren't spending what we were 10 years ago, but in my opinion we should be cutting those even more, and will likely make those cuts in the coming year.
Robert Karbaum
SMM. Social Media Marketing.
Josh Ledbetter
We do a mix of everything for our clients, but our analytics are through the roof when we text. Gets to them quick and provides a link directly where our customers want them to be.

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