What would you change?

Ron Henson
What is the #1 thing you would change at your store if it was your name on the building?
Christopher Murray
I would build a Consumer Information & Resource center and, concomitantly, launch an on-line version offering to the buying public 100% of the resources we, as dealers, have at our disposal including a small staff to assist them in using the tools, gathering information, etc...
Lauren Moses
There is a ton that I would change and have been working on getting changed. #1 though would really have to be sales staff (more) and better training.
Chris Pyle
I've been saying for a couple years now that Ipad (Tablet) assisted selling with NFC stickers would be fun to try. A guest walks in, or let's say they are in service and don't want to be bothered by a sales person. So they are handed a tablet instead. Cars on the floor would be stickered up with all the features that sell that model (S.P.A.C.E.D) using NFC stickers (or bar codes) at various places on and around the car. The customer could be guided or self guided through the vehicle and could tap a feature to watch a short clip/learn more about it. For anyone that's tried to explain how an infotainment system works, or Lane departure, or Pre-Crash systems work (etc), I think it's safe to say this would clear a few things up for customers and provide "tire kickers" in service with a much better experience. Think of all the data that would be created for each customer, just from their service visits. It would help us know how to market to that person based on what they are most interested in now, not what they already have. Anyway, that's my random thought of the day!
Dara Moore
It depends on which store. As a whole for the group there is little I would change on a corporate level. For one of my stores I would most likely bring back a former GM and give him the staff back he wants. At another I would change their website provider immediately to one that is up-to-date on technology. But overall each of my stores are all great in their own way.
Dan Ferguson
I'd set up an offsite test drive and delivery program within 30 miles of the dealership. Customer picks the model(s) that they want to test drive and we'd take the car(s) to them. Kind of like a dealer version of www.tred.com.

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