"What's Your Best Price?"

Ron Henson
The answer to this all too common question is as elusive to some dealers as a yeti, or the lost ark of the covenant. However, some dealerships get it. How do you handle this question at your store?
Lauren Moses
"Tell me what price would get you to buy RIGHT NOW! If it's a reasonable offer I'll see what I can do." Granted I don't have to do this very often in our area since we have alot of repeat customers, but I have used it before. The guy gave me a price of only $500 less than our original price we gave him. So of course we gave it to him.
Christopher Murray
"You are looking at the best price Mr. Customer! When we marked the prices we took into account every similar vehicle within a 100 mile radius, calculated miles, condition and history and researched the best price based on those factors. I can show you the data that supports what I just said please follow me."
Ron Henson
Chris, do I detect a possible One-Price dealer in the room? :-)
Christopher Murray
Possible? Read my blogs! I am dyed in the wool ONE PRICE!!!!!!!! WE have been since 2006!!!!! Imagine this: "Mr. Customer even though we took the time to price these 400 cars we were just kidding! We don't really mean it. The prices are for suckers that do not know enough to ask so, since you did ask, we cannot take advantage of you. Let me go see the manager and get you the real price."
Ron Henson
LOL, I knew you were. My store went to a One-Price model in 1998 and it was the best thing we ever did!

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