When was the last time you sat goals for yourself and sales staff?

Michael Crain
With the new year next week, how many of you have thought out your goals? Do you have system in place to obtain them? Goal setting is important to succeed at anything you want. You have long and short term goals. They should be measureable. They should have a time limit. It should give you focus. They give you motivation. The list goes on.Have you set goals for you set goals for your sales staff? They always tell you, to set your goals to be attainable. I disagree. Here's why. Once they have reached that goal they think they are successful. Why continue on if they feel successful, is most of the attitude you get. If you have a sales person selling 13 units per month, he now has a goal of 16 units. I would make it 21 units. Why? I would rather he work hard and fall short of 21 units than reach 16 and thinks he has succeeded. You told him it was 21; his jaw is on the floor, thinking "no way are you kidding I barely got to 13. The manager: Has to be positive, Example: You and I are going to get you to 21. I will be here to answer any questions you have. Here is the deal. You have to do what I ask of you. I will explain why as we go along. ……this is a great opportunity to turn as sales rep around. Set weekly goals to review every Monday. Incorporate these Monday meetings in your goal setting. Zig Ziglar said " If you aim at nothing, you will hit it everytime" 1 Make sure the goal is something you actually want 2 Find a mentor 3 Keeps you focused DON'T BUNT....HIT A HOME RUN!!
Megan Barto
Make sure your goals are SMART: Specific Measurable Actionable Results-Focused Time-Bound If you have a salesperson selling 13 units a month, and you think their goal should be 16 - you have to *show them how to get there* based on how many ups they take, their closing ratios, etc - people will be more motivated if you show them the HOW behind the NOW. :-)
Michael Crain
@ Mega...I agree with you. You need to do some brain storming before you start writing specific goals. There is more to than how many ups I take and my closing ratio. He sold 13 last month now his goal is 21(goal). Up to close ratio is important. I am going to work the service drive 3 days a week (that is a short term goal). I need to spend more time roll playing on my presentation and objections (short team goal). I going to get on the phone and call any one we have sold that is between 3 and 5 years since they have purchased from us.Each one of these is a short term goal.or you could call it a process.Each one is measurable and help you get to your 21st car. The reason I made his goal from 13 to 21 is because I would rather he work harder and fall short of 21 than reach 16 his goal and stop. The managers show play a roll here.There is a lot to setting goals if done correctly.
mark rask
Great thoughts guys
Jonathan Dawson
My version @Megan is: Specific - know exactly what you are aiming for Measurable - be able to track and reduce to the ridiculous Aspirational - make you want to achieve them and brag about them Related to core values - match your natural motivations and desires Time-lined - have a end in mind and "mile markers" to measure success

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