Which CRM service would you Prefer for your Business?

Chris Hill
If it's automobile business I would choose VinSolutions or Imagiclab depending on your goals and overall experience with CRM's.
Megan Barto
I've used others, but VinSolutions is my fav - the custom reporting is incredible. It's amazing what data you can find from your CRM if you know how to set the reports up.
Hunter Swift
At every auto dealer trade show I attend, the exhibitor room is full of vendors selling all types of technology. At the last show I counted at least 7 booths that offer a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. As dealers visited each booth I noticed they were often comparing the different features each vendor provided. One thing that stood out to me is for the most part all CRM companies offer the same type of technology. They all allow you to input customers, receive leads, automate marketing campaigns, and reporting. It is important that the technology isn’t the only thing that you are looking at. Technology should enable processes. Consistent processes create consistent business. One of the ways to enable process is through the automation of business rules designed to target specific groups of people. If the data is there, the technology should be able to enable processes like: A customer life cycle (customer for life) Finance termination Extended warranty We want your trade Declined services Aftermarket accessories Customers in equity Bought elsewhere, service introduction High customer pay RO to new vehicle Future model introduction Lead escalation Sales notification of a customer in service Lease over miles And the list goes on… Are you just using your CRM or really using it to enable the processes? Once you have the technology and the processes in place the last important part is the people. I have seen time and time again where technology fails because either the people don’t use it or don’t know how to use it effectively. Do you have the people to not only train you how to use and support the technology but also how to use the technology to enable the processes your dealership needs? In my opinion there are only a couple CRM companies that do this. If I had to recommend just one it would be DealerSocket... but I am biased. :)
Danial Clark
Thanks for your usefull suggestion guyes ,all are CRM user here but what are the drawbackes that CRM can't overcome yet..
Curt Kelley
I'm going to second what Chris said, if it is for the automobile business I would choose VinSolutions or Imagiclab. I've worked with a lot over the years, started this lil automobile journey in 1983, and one of those two are what I would use.

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