Who handles incoming messaging?

Bart Wilson

I'm interested in how your stores handle messaging (chat, text, FB Messenger), specifically incoming traffic.  Do you have someone dedicated to it or are you running it ad hoc?

Derrick Woolfson

We have two dedicated people who handle the chats, once they get the chats and speak with them (from the BDC) we get those over to the right people. If they answer them outside of business hours, we spiff them for answering the chat. Otherwise, realistically we cannot expect employees to work for free outside of business hours for the "chance" that they will get an appt. That said, we pay $5 per message/chat handled, $20 if the appt shows (sales/service). We do not pay on sold (or closed service RO's) as they do not control whether or not the deal sells. There was some initial kick-back from the sales managers, offering the "fake appointment" issue; so long they are not "promising" the customer anything, etc. then they really do not have control on whether or not the sales consultant sells the lead. This has been very effective, especially considering they can potentially earn an extra $100 a week for a few hours of their time. 

Bart Wilson

Is that the only responsibility they have or do they take incoming phone calls, etc?

Mark Rask

we have a chat service that handles it.......however they have instructions on when to get one of my bdc agents involved......its pretty slick

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