Who is using Equity Mining tools?

Shannon Hammons
Who all are using equity mining tools? What company are you using and why?
mark rask
We are using auto alert in one store....does ok....we are going to try revenue radar in our other store after the first of the year
Craig Waikem
Not a big fan of Radar Revenue, I have demo'd their product and they are missing key tools. We had great success with Auto Excavations (very similar to Auto Alert) and then switched to AutoLoop Quote and love it. Would recommend all but Radar Revenue.
Bruce Petitt
Craig, would be interested to hear the why on Revenue Radar. I just signed up with them, and having looked at several tools, it seemed to be the best, now I am wondering what I missed.
Johnny Junes
In my experience, the success of these equity mining tools is a direct result how they are implemented. They all provide more or less the same information (customers with potential equity). I have seen Auto Alert work very well when a store tried it for a month, but the following year the same store had access to equity mining through ADP for free and chose not to use it. If your management team doesn't have the appetite to actually manage it, it will be a complete waste of time.
Grant Gooley
I had a very good experience with Auto Alert when I was with Auto Canada. It's like anything, garbage in garbage out. If the data stream is clean and it's used properly you can generate some great leads from it.

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