Who is writing your used vehicle descriptions?

Ron Henson
What job role at your store is charged with writing your used vehicle descriptions? Do you outsource this task? Are they using the following guidelines? * CAPTURE THE READER’S IMAGINATION * CREATE AN EXPERIENCE * SET A TONE * BE CREATIVE * MAKE IT A “MUST SEE” VEHICLE * DESCRIBE BENEFITS, NOT JUST FEATURES https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJ0nkStZnWo
Lauren Moses
Ron, Honestly this is one of the areas where we lack imagination. We do not have descriptions on our vehicles besides what they pull from the vin #. I am the one who would be doing it, however with so much on one plate I struggle to get it all done. I will definitely be working on them harder in the near future when things slow down enough for me to get to them.
Ron Henson
Hey Lauren, Good for you for recognizing an area of opportunity. Descriptions can tell the vehicle's story and make you stand out from the other vehicles someone is looking at. Vin decoder descriptions don't spark anyone's imagination. Consider the following example courtesy of DealerAssistNow.com : One test drive in this gently used 2012 Explorer and you’ll know you’ve found your perfect match! Check out our awesome pictures one more time and imagine how good you’re going to look and feel behind the wheel! This front wheel drive beauty is brought to life by the 3.5-liter V6 engine that kicks out 290-horsepower and will have you navigating the roads of your life with nary a care in the world! Yes, this Explorer is powerful, but don’t overlook all of the comfort and luxury features on board! This sweet Limited has a navigation system, backup camera and sensors, gorgeous leather upholstery, huge sunroof, and so much more! Ford didn’t overlook safety, either! Our 2012 Explorer has the SOS post-crash alert system, MyKey, traction control, hill descent control, and of course, a wide array of airbags. This 2012 is an exceptional value and won’t sit on our lot very long! Get in here today before it’s gone! Print this page and call us Now… We Know You Will Enjoy Your Test Drive Towards Ownership!
Robert Karbaum
I have found that the personality types that make great Used Vehicle Managers, don't necessarily make good creative writers when it comes to descriptions. Is it just me?
Ron Henson
Hey Robert, It's definitely not just you. I couldn't agree more and yet I think many dealerships are relying on UVM's to do this task. Also, many are simply using the VIN decoder to put in very generic vehicle info that doesn't capture the imagination whatsoever.
Evan Brown
A constant struggle at our store, but we've dedicated the task to our Digital Vehicle Merchandiser at this point he's the closest to the car for the longest. He makes notes as he does his walk around and pictures, then writes an attention grabbing caption (sometimes). We also tried our used car manager but just like Robert said, great personality but writing skills not so much. We also have to be government compliant in Ontario so he has a list of things he has to include i.e.. daily rental, US vehicle, carproof claim, out of province vehicle. If the correct info isn't included we can get charged heavily.

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