Who Should Call Your Customers?

Jessi Kessel
Please add your input into the argument I've been having with some of my dealer clients. When a dealer uses Bumper App to create their own sales event, it generates the dealer leads. Following up on those leads in a timely manner is crucial and can make or break your event. I strongly believe that the only people that should be calling YOUR customers is YOUR Sales staff not an external call center. As a customer I wouldn't want to speak to someone who then is going to book an appointment for me with someone else who I have never spoken to or met before. Although using a call center can get you great results doesn't that just act as a temporary solution?
Mike Sadlock
While I see your point that you would want YOUR sales staff calling YOUR customers, I think the who depends on the results. There are many times I have seen very capable sales staff making the outbound call and converting to appointments/shows and ultimately sales. On the other hand I have seen sales staff that were not well equipped at this and tried to sell over the phone rather than selling the appointment. I have seen out-sourced centers perform better that sales staff in store and I have seen them under perform. In an ideal world, all sales people would be well trained in outbound calls and selling the appointment. I would agree that in a lot of cases using a call center is a crutch for some stores, because they do not want to put in the time and effort to train and coach sales staff. I think the answer can be found in the results rather than the who.
Megan Barto
Do you have a good BDC? A BDC who does phone training? Why not let them call the customers?
Jessi Kessel
Hi Megan, I don't work in a dealership. I'm a vendor so I hear a lot of objections and excuses for things. I also see a ton of amazingly talented and forward thinking dealers so I take what I learn from them as best practices. A BDC would help for sure but not all dealerships have them for various reasons.
Shane McInnes
This is a tough one to give a blanket answer to. However, I would say yes, as a rule it is better to have your clients speak to a trained member of your team. Having said this there are circumstances where a call center is a much better solution. For example, if you have a small store with limited sales staff and a big list to go through it might be better to outsource the calls. One of the biggest challenges I have faced is working with a sales staff that is not trained to make these types of calls. If they are not trained and not confident then you could be setting up for an epic fail. Some stores are very well set up for training and development and will embrace the opportunity. Others provide very little support this way but they will push their team to make the calls anyway. This usually leads to very unsatisfactory results. To me, a good GSM or sales manager will be able to best determine what is right for their store.
Megan Barto
Depending upon how many leads Bumper generates a month (& I've seen Bumper in action - it's super slick, sweet & revolutionary). Why not have the Sales Managers call? Seriously - don't let them complain they don't have time to call - 3 minutes. How can they not have time for a 3 minute phone call?

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