Who's UP?

Ron Henson
Do you utilize an up system or an open floor at your store?
Lauren Moses
Open floor here. It's funny to see them try to race to some of the customers some times. Though if one has had a good month they may let the others have them. It gets pretty comical sometimes.
Jillian Marchewka
We have a rotating up system, and we always ask if they generally work with a specific salesperson (a lot of our customers are repeat/referrals,) so then we can connect them with their normal sales person. Our team is great about working together and don't mind helping each other out if need be and things get really busy (even if they won't get anything out of it.) Our one guy doesn't take fresh ups at all because he is appointment only (his client base is HUGE!)
Robert Karbaum
I've never seen open floor in action. I can't imagine it works well for customer experience. Maybe I am missing something.
Lauren Moses
Robert, For us it isn't too bad. But we are small enough that we just have to two main salesman in the main building and then one used at the used building. I help out on the lot when need be but since I handle internet leads I don't worry to much with competing for the lot. And our salesmen are both pretty good about rotating themselves. Unless they are just being playful and teasing each other then we don't hear much about it.
Grant Gooley
I've seen both. I worked for a group that was "open floor" and believed in this way of doing things very strongly. The concept was "always to be on your toes". I don't agree myself, but I did see a very hungry sales staff.

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