Why you shouldn't encourage "To Do" Lists, do this instead

Brandin Wilkinson

Recently, I was listening to a podcast with a Real Estate Legend, and he was talking a lot about gratitude.  He said that what seemed to be a subtle change in his approach to his traditional "To Do" List, ended up being one of the most impactful changes in his entire career. 

When we write out "To Do" Lists, it can often seem overwhelming, and almost as if we're forced to do these things throughout the day, and if we don't do them, there is a sense of disappointment that we have in ourselves.  It should really be called a "Have To Do" List.  

If we change our perspective on our list, but simply adjust the title to "Get To Do" List, it completely changes the game because now we view it as a privilege to accomplish mini-goals throughout the day.  

For example;

Today I get to meet a client after work hours (grateful that they are willing to meet with me at all)

Today I get to pick my kids up from school (grateful that I have the flexibility to be able to pick them up)

Today I get to meet with our Sales Team to discuss goals (grateful to be a leader for them)

And many other examples.  

A perspective is a powerful tool!


The attitude of gratitude is an amazing thing... this is great! 

R. J. James

Brandin... Thanks for sharing this Nugget of Wisdom; a simple change of wording that can/will shift our perspective and energizes us to get things done.  Hope you don't mind me "Harvesting" this for use in my consulting.

Brandin Wilkinson

Harvest away RJ !  Thank you for your feedback

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