Women working in a dealership

Lacy Arnold
We just finished a DSES hangout with a few of the panelist for our Canadian Women's session. One of the questions they were asked was: "Having worked in a dealership, what are some of the struggles women face in a dealership and what challenges have you overcome personally, and within your own dealership?" Their answers were interesting. https://youtu.be/FR2Ta_OaOxg We would love to keep this discussion going and wanted to ask the women here in this community, what would your response be to this question?
Micah Lakics
As a strong independent (married) man...lol...I have seen too many snide comments and "locker room" humor from the male salesmen behind the backs of the female saleswomen. It's almost as though the women have to stoop to the men's level and grow a tough skin in order to survive/succeed. That is a sad commentary in today's "enlightened" world, but it the Car Sales industry is waaaaaaay behind the times.
Lacy Arnold
@Micah - thanks for sharing that...do you think it's changing at all or would you say a woman would still have the same issues today in a dealership as she did 5-10 years ago?
Kate Frost
It's interesting you say "tough skin" because I used the phrase "thick skin" in today's hangout. I don't think it's necessarily indicative of the car business, other industry's have similar challenges, but I do see a huge potential for growth. Women are the fastest growing consumer group and should have a more equal representation in a dealership. Lacy, I think it's changing and I believe that because of conversations like this.
Lacy Arnold
@Kate it's good to hear that you feel it is changing. I think you're right in that the more awareness and discussions there are that bring it to light, the more it will continue to improve. I enjoyed the hangout with you and am looking forward to DSES!
mark rask
We have several women in our sales department....they do a great job!

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