Word-of-Mouth 2.0 "what" to do?

Ron Morrison
Social media today is driving a significant amount of buzz in the automotive space. Many people - especially dealers and their staff continue to ask me to explain in "clear terms" the best way to leverage social media for their promotional, sales, and relationship maintenance efforts. Their motivations aren't entirely wrong - as a matter of fact they're good and expected motivations. Yet the truth of the matter is that as I talk to more industry experts, study what's being said (and taught) on the web regarding social media it really is nothing new. It truly is about making life a bit easier for - well everyone that you come in contact with in your day-to-day business efforts. When you do this, people - even against their own will at times - talk about their experience with other people. This has been known for century's as "word-of-mouth." It's one of the single most powerful influences for your business for both good and bad. Business - again rightfully so - are looking for ways accelerate and to leverage t
Larry Bruce
Ron for the most part you are right. Social Media is social not marketing. The dealerships place there is 2 fold: 1. To allow their employees to act as group and form lasting relationships with each other make them better employees and increase quality work. 2. To allow messages their customer think are of value to propagate. A dealership should look to leverage what social media is instead of thinking of it as Facebook or MySpace. Social media is the customer ability to comment and share what you are saying that they think are of value to them and their group. 5 things you should do as a dealership to incorporate social media: 1. If you have a good eBay rating PUT IT ON YOUR WEB SITE! Allow other customers to also comment on their experiences in sales or service on your site. 2. Let some key sales and service employee’s blog on and connect that through word press for good SEO links. 3. Use Twitter to announce daily specials and offers. People are not going to rush to your Twitter account so get them to sign up at delivery or on the drive. 4. Place a share to social button on ever vehicle offer and any other message of value on your site or online. Make it easy for customers to share on their social networks. 5. Have a business Facebook for employees and one for customers post the deal of the day on your customer Facebook and make it a deal $1 oil change today for our Facebook fans ect. Make sure you give them something they can’t get outside Facebook. At the end of the day understand that social media is about customer engagement and it’s a two way engagement to you making and offer and the customer accepting the offer. Your making an offer or supplying information of value and customer telling you if it is good or bad AND YOU LISTEN TO THEM! Hope this helps,

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