WordPress Live Chat Plugin

cris carter
Need rich features live chat plugin for my WordPress created website. Provide me any chat tool that is compatible for this.
Aaron Hassen
Hi Chris, Here is the WordPress live chat plugin from Contact At Once!: http://wordpress.org/plugins/contact-at-once-chat/ Active Contact At Once! subscribers can easily add their chat and text options to WP sites with this simple plugin. Simply add your Merchant ID, Provider ID, whether or not you want your chat icons to display on your site. Should you have any questions or need support, that's instantly available here: http://www.contactatonce.com/live-chat-support/
Carlo Castillo
Look into Gubagoo. Great company and have worked well for me. Insane conversations. Not sure if they work with Word Press though.
Charles Saylor
Hello, Cris You may also try this chat plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/eassistance-pro-live-chat/
Jillian Marchewka
For our new Wordpress Group Site, I am looking to use LiveChat ( http://www.livechatinc.com ) for our chat solution. I actually found out about it because our host, WP Engine, uses it as their chat solution, and as a consumer I appreciated how it looked on the front end. It isn't obnoxious like many of the chat software out there, and it is very aesthetically pleasing! They also have mobile apps, so if you want someone to be "On Call" for questions on say a Sunday when you are closed, you can answer questions from your phone or tablet. It is only $36 a month per "seat" (aka person who is manning the live chat.) We're just going to start with one seat and see if we need more. (You can have multiple users of the seat though!)
Cody Jerry
Awesome find, Jillian! Wordpress's gift is sometimes a curse. You can pretty much do anything, but then there are hundreds of choices for plugins that you have to wade through.

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