Working WITHOUT Email - Does anyone do it?

Jillian Marchewka
So, Linda posted in another topic that she sends her boss emails and doesn't know if he reads them, etc. I was wondering if any of you and your teams have shifted from email to a team project program like Asana or Podio? I feel like with many dealerships (mine included), switching to communicating like this may be difficult to get people on board to do, but if done a LOT more could get done internally... Thoughts?
Cody Jerry
I like the Trello program, personally: I no longer work in house, so I have a lot less boundaries. Still, this would make it easy for someone to look at "needs approval," "in progress" and "complete." When I worked in house, though, I basically just communicated in person. My dealer group was only three stores within 20 miles of each other, and none of the managers liked email. They are a lot better now when I send them reports, but when I was there I wouldn't even get emails back.
Jillian Marchewka
I've tried using Trello with our Sales Assistant who takes vehicle photos, so that I can be in the loop and know when he uploaded a batch. It worked well for a few weeks, but lately I've been less focused on checking up on him because our Sales Manager does that for me. Haha.
Lauren Moses
We don't have anything like that. I would love to see something like that happen, but know that I would never manage to get everyone on board and using it the way that it's intended to be used.
mark rask
We use emails and don't really have a problem

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