Would you give media complete access?

Max Katsarelas
Town & Country JCD in Levittown, NY let This American Life have complete access to their store. Traffic went up and they got sales, but listeners heard all the intricacies of closing a deal. Complete case study is here: http://goo.gl/XFRZk9 Would you host a reality TV show at your store or give media complete access if it brought you a couple sales each month?
Chris Halsey
I think it depends on the amount of exposure. The reason companies like Duck Commander might flourish is because they have literally become household names over the years. If this is just a quick one off documentary style piece it may not have lasting impact. However just like the hundreds of reality shows that are flooding the airways there is no guarantees to what the real impact, both positive or negative, will be until the TV ratings come out and the pop culture machine gets a hold of it.
Robert Karbaum
Friends I have in Winnipeg are in the middle of this: http://vimeo.com/53550255 I haven't circled back to see how things went. If I owned the place, I would happily do it. 100% transparency.
Max Katsarelas
You're right, Chris. A one-off might not have a lasting impact, but it certainly helps humanize the car dealer, change perception and create transparency. In This American Life broadcast, it made those guys trying to hit their quotas the underdogs. How can you not root for them?
Grant Gooley
I think it could be...."cool". Might bring you more than a few sales it might steer business away from you... I guess that would depend on how the dealership was showcased by the network. It could go either way. If it were me, I would go get famous some other way and concentrate on what a dealership is really meant to do. Customer Service. if you are too busy filming it could quickly get messy with customers.
mark rask
Sounds interesting

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