Would You Pay Your Employees $7,500 to Go On Vacation?

Mike Gorun
I recently came across this video and story by Fox business (http://bit.ly/Q2IeZn) that profiles a Denver-based software company, FullContact, that pays its employees $7,500 to go on vacation. Every employee gets $7,500 as long as they follow these three rules (1) they must actually go on vacation, (2) they must disconnect entirely, i.e. no phone calls, e-mails, texts, etc. and (3) they must not work at all while they are on vacation! Do you think you could live with that? Though the motivation was to attract good employees, I’m betting this gesture resonates with their customers too. One key to creating loyal customers is to create a “likeable” company, and this definitely helps to accomplish that. What have you done to make your company “likeable” and your employees happy? Maybe giving everyone $7,500 isn’t realistic, but what other ideas do you have that would create this type of publicly perceived goodwill?
Eric Miltsch
Cool story Mike. Very interesting "rule" set. Retaining happy employees is a key initiative. Curious to know how this program has worked out for this company.
Jim Bell
I want to go work for that company! In all seriousness, we have in the past offered a dinner at a high class local restaurant and hotel to our employees that placed in the top 3 salespeople in the city. We have done that for the last 3 years and they have enjoyed it greatly. I have also heard of others offer weekends at the Ritz which is also class act.
Mike Gorun
Jim. We do some similar activities here. A weekend at a high end Spa in Napa for top performers and their spouse. Seems to motivate for a period of time but now it has become expected and anything less is consider "cheap". So you need to be careful with what you start because you can never go back.

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