Ron Henson
Interesting discussion at a conference today regarding Yelp. A very successful Bay area dealer explained why he loves it for his business. What are your thoughts?
Mark Miller
@Ron, there have been multiple discussions on yelp here, I think the general consensus has been mixed results depending on market size, customer age demographics, and a few other areas. Overall I think the experience has been mixed.
Lauren Moses
Ron, Do you by any chance have a video of the discussion? I would love to see what all he has done to make his experience a good one. I know that we don't have any success with it because not enough people around our area know about Yelp. We might get 10 views every 4 months if we are lucky. I have tried building awareness for it through our dealership but as of yet haven't had any such luck.
Chris K Leslie
How much is he spending?
Steve Tuschen
Question, is not smart to check other area businesses and see if how active the community is on Yelp? If no business in the area is active then why spend money in a place your customer's aren't using? If it is active and just not in the dealer then it comes down to education.
Lauren Moses
Steve very true. In our area there just really isn't a huge use of it. There are some but most of them are military coming from bigger areas and the are mostly outdated and not very active users. But it is good for all dealers to check their areas in general for all businesses not just their competition. And I'm with Chris, curious as to how much he is spending to get those good results.

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