You choose the best ROI??

Jonathan Dawson

You have to spend $25,000 and you have to choose one of the following areas. Where do you invest the money to get the best return?

1) Facility upgrade: painting, landscaping, signage, etc.

2) Technology hardware upgrade: computers, printers, etc.

3) Traditional marketing: radio, newspaper, billboards, direct-mail, etc.

4) E-commerce marketing: website overhaul, adding Instant messenger, web apps, etc.

5) Search marketing: SEM, SEO, PPC, GEO-marketing, etc.

6) Social marketing: Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, etc.

7) Customer reward marketing: freebies (oil changes, hats, travel mugs, etc.), customer appreciation party, etc.

8) Internal financial incentive: spiffs, bonuses, rewards, prizes, etc.

9) Management training: conferences, seminars, online courses, in-house, etc.

10) Salesperson training: conferences, seminars, online courses, in-house, etc.

11) Staffing - hiring new team members: BDC, Sales, Service, Detail, Management, etc

12) Other: _______________________  


You have to invest it... So where does your $25,000 go and why? Only rule is that you have to pick 1 answer, no co-mingling of the funds!  ; )

And go!



mark rask


Chris K Leslie

I would use it to start work on an amazon store for our parts department. Would probably need a developer to make the link between the DMS and Amazon Store. 

Dealer Guy

I'd give a $500 bonus to each of the girls in the office who do all the paperwork for us all - they are all heroes,  all under paid and over worked. That leaves me $22,500, plenty. 

I'd have $20,000 worth of vehicle wraps made and offer a special discount to anyone who leases a car and gets a wrap (let's say just 10).

The 10 wraps will work everyday promoting our business all over our DMA. With a different theme behind each one, corresponding accordingly with the personality of each vehicle and customer.

The other $2,250 will pay for pizza over the next year, every Saturday, all you can eat!

- a total of almost 360,000 miles of advertising, for a total of 10,950 days of impressions.

mark rask

Dealer guy has an interesting scenario there 

Steve C

I separate $25000 into 3 parts, then use first part for training. Again use it for marketing because nowadays even small startup, medium scale and organization need some promotional activities. Remaining part for employee benefits funds.

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