Your Perfect Salesperson...

Travis Williams

What skills does your perfect salesperson possess?

There are obvious things like a growth mindset and being a people person but what are certain aspects you look for when hiring or identifying quality salespeople?

Martins Ville

There's no such thing as perfect, IMO. Unless you're looking at the trees and flowers in a park, gaze at the caressing transition of the clouds above, then I can show you perfect. Important traits for sales people are ability to listen and probe with questions (peel the onion) and to close the sale, patience, self reliance, commitment to always be learning.

It's easier to answer with the perfect sales manager standing next to me, but have not found that guy or girl yet. :)

Mark Rask

personality is key 

Bart Wilson

I think you nailed it with the growth mindset.  I feel you can teach most people to sell if they have the right attitude and temperament.

Also, I would look for resilience.  Salespeople need to be able to be told "no" and not let it bother them.

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