2019 Goal - Videos!

Derrick Woolfson

I feel like we still have not moved forward with the video discussion; that is sending video as a first response or sending a walk-around video. A few years ago, it was incredibly cumbersome to send a video; the apps were not much better, either. Very inconsistent at best. By the time you shot the video, loaded it, and sent it to the customer it could be as much as thirty plus minutes. As we know, we don't have that kind of time. 

That said, we finally have a CRM that has video embedded into their platform, which makes it so much easier. For those who also have the same options in their CRM are you sending more videos? If so, have you found better engagement with video responses? 

Agustine Agar

Can you please share the video link here. So that all can watch. :)

Derrick Woolfson

@Agustine, I will try and get the video loaded soon! 

Mark Rask

Derrick i would like to look at this as well

Shelby  Youngblood

Slipstream Creative is a unique video platform where we create, edit, and publish videos for your dealership. Salespeople also have the option to upload their own videos and send them to customers via email or text. Our platform fully integrates with most CRM's, so there are no extra steps in order to see the actions in the CRM!

We also offer exclusivity based on geographic area, so early adopters of video campaigns will drive out the competitors. I would love to connect with you to talk further about we can do for you!


Mark Rask

I feel like this would be easy to do but hard to get people to do it 

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