2x, 3x, or even 4x your email open rate? Yup (it's the WORDS, Stoopid!)

Quinton Gentry
Wonderful. I have to concur that the subject line has to be the spark plug that ignites your customer. There has been many times that I read through an old email only to think, "if I knew about this last week.....". I hope, for the most part, our industry is sending emails with pertinent information now if we can get our customers to read and comprehend!
Tom Vann
Right on, Quinton! Just as we need to dangle-a-diamond in the subject line, we need to snap the wordsmith whip in the email copy! The common, "Hello, Joe. I really appreciate you contacting Gizmo Honda in regards to buying your new Accord. At Gizmo, we pride ourselves in blah, blah, blah and would like to know the best number to call you or set a time for you to enjoy a private test drive blah, blah, blah..." ~ is stinky, rotten garbage trapped under a pile of aged liquid manure. Your copy must strike like lightning in a kiddie pool (TOTAL ENGAGEMENT), and lure the client in with robust and crystal clear offers that reek "Extraordinary"! Since the client contacts MANY dealerships, you must separate yourself with an extraordinary message ...which begins with a superior subject line. Thanks, Quinton!

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