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Ron Henson

What are the pros and/or cons of a 3rd party offsite BDC?

Anson Van de Kemp

Pro: ofsite BDC as a neutral party can interview/survey prospects regarding  customer service and objections easily

Con: offsite BDC results in a communication barrier between sales and BDC as there is no/little live communication

Chris K Leslie

In my opinion its harder to have an onsite BDC for a few reasons. Communication barrier is almost a must have in my opinion. I mean thats why we have CRM's. The notes in the CRM should be able to give anyone enough information to move forward. 

- BDC should be treated like a call center. Sales people invteracting with the BDC tends to lead to bad things. I've seen sales people try to pay off BDC folks to help funnel leads to them as an example. We want the BDC to act like a call center but we expect them to operate in a sales environment. 

- BDC are never paid correctly. We pay them like sales people to do a non sales job. So that tends to lead people to work their pay plan and will focus on things that pay them versus the things that may not pay them. 

There are a few  more but I'll keep those for later. =) 

As you can tell I think having your BDC offsite and possibly ran by another company is a good thing. Let them focus on the important things of Customer Service and outbound calls so your stores can focus on selling. 

I currently run a offsite BDC company, possibly adding more dealers and BDR's. What particular services would everyone be interested in?


Chris, you make a lot of good points 

Some pro's of an external (offsite) call center/BDC would include:

No need for real estate and staff/equipment footprint in your facility

No unemployment or other risks associated with in house talent

As Chris mentioned not having the sales staff poising your BDC team

Some cons of an offsite BDC

Many times (not always) 3rd party contact centers are run overseas in the Philippines which result in a poor customer experience. Often the language barrier/accent is difficult to overcome and the representatives are ONLY trained to read a script, they are quite often not able to intelligently respond to common objections with appropriate intelligent responses. I would 100% absolutely advise NOT to utilize an offshore contact center for outsourced BDC 

Often times an offsite BDC when located within the USA is not able to appear  to be within the geographic area of the dealership to the consumer, this hurts the chances of an appointment when a customer becomes aware that they are speaking to someone (non local) in Texas when they live in New York. Directions, competition, general awareness of geography are common issues I've seen. Very quickly a call can become very impersonal and cold once the customer is aware they are just calling a call center which is not conducive to an appointment that shows.

Lack of communication. It's much easier to distribute information on inactivates to a localized group. Offsite BDC's cater to many different dealerships and to some extent can only customize so much as they have to develop a process for their own reps who handle many different dealership BDC accounts across the country which may have huge differences in their needs for call handling from one dealership to another. I always encourage having a BDC meeting just like the sales floor weekly. This obviously is impossible in an outsourced mode.

Final thoughts

I would always say that an Internal, offsite BDC is your best option. This is the best of both worlds between an in house BDC and an outsourced 3rd  party operation. A facility that is not physically within the dealership's retail real estate footprint meaning a  building adjacent to the dealership or in close proximity is ideal. This allows managers and reps to focus on BDC rather than salesperson and customer interface. When this is not possible I always discourage sales people having access to the area of the dealership that the BDR's are located.

The most important management position in the modern automotive dealership is the BDC Manager/Director.

Michael Bilson

Many dealerships have realized that a BDC can make or break a dealership.   As a former BDC Mangager I can attest to the increase in Sales, CSI, Fixed Ops when a dedicated process in intiated and implemented properly.  However BDC's have become cost prohibitive as well.  This is why many have utilized Conversica.  It becomes the perfect BDC assistant but keeps everything where it belongs...IN HOUSE.   If a customer has called about a vehicle they saw while passing by...please do not send that caller to another state.

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