4pm before the holiday weekend and Cobalt Sites are DOWN

Timothy Martell

Its 4 o'clock before a big weekend event, do you know where your website is? Not if you're currently on Cobalt! Might want to call your rep for an update now!

Timothy Martell

Update: CDK Global has no official ETA as to when your websites will be back up but have stated that they will be back up today, "at some point..."

Christian Ferrer

Perfect timing... with the holiday weekend and all.

Carl Maeda

I hope you had your paid search ads turned off!


Timothy Martell

If you weren't already, follow Wikimotive on FB and twitter. We identified the issue at 4:12pm EDT and immediately took steps to 302 redirect our client's compliant CDK websites to their non-compliant, Wikimotive recomended, website vendor sites. Site's came back up after 10pm and we removed the temporary redirect. Saved most dealers 6 hours of lost traffic before a busy holiday weekend. 

Do you control your domain? Or does your website vendor? Who in your organization knows how to do this when a site goes down? If you don't know the answer to this question you should call your website rep today and find out. Its your website! Its your domain! No one else should control it - only the dealer. 

mark rask

This is a good point....we will look in to the redirect as needed

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