A Simple Buy Now Button on Your VDP?

Bill MacDonald
It seems more and more customers that walk into the dealership are classified as Lay Downs. To me, I think it is probably someone that did their research online, came in, asked for a specific vehicle. Usually they don't even want to test drive the vehicle. This is the way things are heading, people that come in are ready to buy. You could easily add a buy now button and link that to a credit app. and even a deposit could be taken with a service like interac e-tranfer or paypal. then ask the person to fill out your credit app and then check the box to agree to a credit check and BOOM! Car Sold! and finish off with a nice "Congratulations, a sales rep will contact you to arrange delivery of your new vehicle." (At the Dealership) Customer comes in and picks up vehicle signs the paperwork and off they go 45-60 min later. It seems so simple yet no one is doing this. Why?
Shawn Ryder
I think that people as of now still need some human interaction with the vehicle - not to say eventually it will be like this process. But believe that people like to get in the car, take for a drive and still go a process with a person. Again, eventually it will be like an upgrade of your phone - you have Model X and when the new one comes out get the upgrade because you know so much about it already.... Wasn't Nissan and Amazon doing an order arrangement? Does anybody have numbers on the sales rates?
Dan Ferguson
Bill - We have a client testing this very notion with a "Reserve It" feature on their website. www.stuckeyforyou.com During the next phase we are going to take down the home page slides and only show the reserve it button on the VDP. The thinking behind that is that customers aren't ready to put a down payment on a car when they see the home page slide, but after they research and find the car they're looking for.
John Sevier
Dan, I would love to hear how that is going for them if you don't mind sharing. We did something similar and it wasn't utilized.
Dan Ferguson
Since June, they've had 8 deposits from 517 unique visitors to the reserve it pages.
Christopher Murray
Bill, first of all I agree with you wholeheartedly that the "lay downs" are consumers that handled all of the research on line BEFORE they came in. As for the matter of a "buy it now" button; I have purchased thousands of cars on line through the years because I do not have time to do the "good ole boy" BS by going to auction to kick tires, smoke cigarettes, eat a free lunch, tell lies to the other wholesalers, etc.... Most Dealers are afraid to purchase sight unseen so I can only imagine all but the most internet savvy customers will avoid a major on-line commitment like a car purchase. I love the concept though.

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