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Patrick Pizzi

Our company has recently entertained the Automotive Broadcast Network application ABN Live where customers who purchase cars at our dealership will be displayed on all the TV's/moniters acrossed the entire dealerships thanking them for their purchase. Along with the in store display, ABN will automatically post a picture of the customer along with their salesman on our Facebook page (compliant with fed regs).

I am concerned that an increase of 300-400 pictures posted to our Facebook page may start causing our current followers to unlike our page due to their news feed being flooded with these post.

Has anyone worked with this company and experienced any negative affects due to the increase in post? Also how has your customers felt about the whole process? I am not sure how I would feel about it myself. Any feed back would be appreciate.

Dealer Guy

That's a good problem to have. So ask yourself, do you want to be FAMOUSLY RICH or LIKED?

Jason Stum

Hey Patrick,

I'm not familiar with the service, so I can't speak to that. However as far as the posting to Facebook aspect goes, keep this in mind...

Organic reach on Facebook posts from business pages is under 10% these days...if not lower. Also, Facebook has always throttled organic reach of posts that are generated from 3rd party tools, and not directly input in to Facebook. So in this particular scenario, it's unlikely that you'd reach a significant portion of your audience to even annoy with a steady stream of photos posted on your page. 

In my opinion, I would judge this product on what it offers your dealership without taking the social aspect of it into consideration.


Dealer Guy


You are better off building a "Picture Wall" somewhere in your dealership and post the images your sales guys take of their customers. We did similar a long time ago and had a polaroid wall. Some of these "Services" are $600-800 a month and not worth it bro. At all.

So if I am accurate, build the wall, keep the shirts out.

Chris K Leslie

What Stum said... 

mark rask

Chris and stum are right....i think the in dealership stuff might help

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