Advertising online Inventory that was sold months ago

Jim Engle
Does advertising cars for sale that you have sold months ago create more leads?
Chris K Leslie
In theory it's possible because you'll have more inventory to market. It may be against the law and you might want to check your local stuff on that. Ethically though, that's some thin ice my friend.
Clint Jones
It will create more leads but it's not worth the brain damage. You just end up looking stupid. A customer will call in and invariably your salespeople will not know how to handle it.
Shannon Hammons
Only reason to do it is if your an unethical non-transparent company. Why should you try and deceive your customers. Be forthright and honest with them in all aspects.
Patrick Nash
When I was working in marketing at dealerships and responsible for the inventory online, first thing I'd do every morning is run the updated inventory report and remove all sold cars from the previous day. It's not only unethical to leave it online when you know it's sold, but nothing pisses a customer off more than calling up and finding out the car they just saw online is sold.
Mark Hoffman
It's a bad idea. When I was in the website business, our platform automatically slapped a watermark on sold inventory for a short-period of time and then removed it from the website. We'd have the occasional dealer insisting that they didn't want the watermark and wanted sold inventory to show up forever to "boost their SEO". We always explained that this was going to cause more problems than solutions, but some dealers didn't care.

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