After Hours Lead Process

Trevor Wilson

Hi all,

I wanted to touch base to see how everyone is doing this. After-Hours leads. How are you handling them?

Do you have -

1 - On Call Reps

2 - After Hours BDC

3 - Leave till next morning

4 - Other options

I'm trying to get a feel for the best way to handle them.  What do you do at your Dealership? what are your thoughts overall on them?

Mandie Baker

I have a few representatives that will email the customer to stop the clock and see if they would like to speak on the phone.  (They are my dedicated team members  Otherwise, I have a video that I have sent in place of auto template that offers my cell if they need help right away, otherwise we will reach out first thing in the morning.  A lot of customers will text me or respond to the video email.  It is helping with our lead to show.  Hope that helps.  

Trevor Wilson

Thanks Mandie, here we have 7 Ford Dealerships in the area (Louisville), we are also on the border of KY and In.  There are a few more over the border in IN.  Of all of those, there are 2 that are open on Sundays.  Since they are open, our team (1 desk Manager)) is worried  we are losing a lot of Sunday Deals.  Now our other competitors have off site after hours BDC's.  They are talking about my team actually working on Sundays. 

Just trying to find the best solution for everyone.  Sundays is everyone's only real day off and I want to maintain a home/work balance for everyone. :)

Bart Wilson

@Trevor, have you looked into technology? I'm wondering if you could leverage some tools to reduce some of the need for a human touchpoint.

Chris K Leslie

You aint losing any business because you are closed one day a week. All of the dealerships in las vegas are closed on Sundays. The small used guys I think can be opened but the majority of them close too because there isn't enough business. You will spend more money on lunches and staff standing around then you will selling cars. 

Morgan Hardy

Ours are on a timer so we aren't held accountable for after hours

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